Omega 3 is a fatty acid. You can find it mainly in fish. Doctors say that it is good to have them in your body. There are two acids, the EPA and DHA. 

EPA is very useful to clot your blood. DHA is good for your eyes, brain and the heart. Also it is very good if you are feeding mother. Some say that it is good to prevent the diseases in the brain and also in your nerves. 

Mainly it tops cancer. Also eating fish will be the best medicine for all pregnant women, because as the researchers say, it can stop the upcoming depression after your child birth. It can build up your fetes too.

Do you feel that you or your young child’s behaviour is unusual? Try out omega 3 as it can bring anyone into the normal way, especially the teenagers who are suffering from ADHD.

If you are a student, you must have to be very keen about having a good memory. Fish oil is your answer. But I must say that this cannot help the ageing memory loss.

Every adult is stressed in their lives. It is a common problem. You may know that this causes diabetes, high blood pressure, gastritis and heart problems. But if you always add fish to your plate, you will have a good strength to fight with your stress. It will delay your death and also heart attacks.

Dying of brain cells and also the dementia are other diseases that can be stopped by the fish oil. This one is good for your vision too. Epilepsy, psychosis are some other diseases. 

Not only in fish, but also in flax, hemp seed, peril-la oil, walnuts and many other foods are having omega.

Taking all of these together, we see fish oil is good, but remember it can be poisonous.

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