The life expectation of the man has gone up. We have many more medicines for nearly all the diseases. But why can’t we stop depending on medicine? The only way is to get the foods healthily. Then what will be the top foods?

Almond comes first. It has got not only E vitamin, but also some copper, magnesium and protein. Also it has fatty acids. Therefore it helps the body to stop heart problems and also the cancer. Mushrooms, oats and fish too can stop cancer.

The second one is apple. There is a proverb that one apple a day keeps the doctor away. Apple is that much healthy. It has got a lot of vitamin C and B. Also this one will protect your body from harmful bacteria floating around. Cranberries and orange are full of the same things and will stop tumour. 

Edamame won’t let you depressed. Olive oil is good for thrombosis. Papaya will heal your wounds.

If you are aware of Arugula, these leaves have 1:2 Nitrates. You must know it if you are an athlete. These leaves give the strength or enough oxygen for your body when you do sports and exercises. Spinach and tofu do the same. These can stop osteoporosis and high blood pressure too. Grapes and potato also give that benefit.

The green little thorns with thin green leave remember you asparagus we find out there in the garden. It has all the nutrients we talked before and also fibre too. Asparagus, tomatoes and sweet potatoes are very good for the women those who are wishing to have a baby. Also these reduce diabetes and the painful kidney stones which you must have to operate and pull out. Chickpeas, mango and collard greens have the same quality. Also they fix your mood. Onion and peaches too can fix the mood. 

If you need to eat something without fat and cholesterol, the best choice is banana. One better thing is that bananas can protect your child from leukaemia. Flaxseed and garlic too deduce cholesterol. And kale too can.

If you have any idea of basil, we can see that it can keep you young. Also it can stop arthritis and bowel. Beetroot and carrots too have the same benefits. Also mints.

Cauliflower and chives are good if you need to lose the weight. Also the eggplants can.

Bok Choy and broccoli has vitamin A,K and B to stop arthritis. Celery, sage and pineapple do the same. Thus cantaloupes can protect you from so many diseases.

Though it seems unhealthy, chocolate is a very healthy food for your heart. Coriander, strawberry and cinnamon are good for the same component.

Coffee stops Parkinson, when honey heals allergy and diarrhoea. Milk gives you calcium where thyme stops breast cancer.

The whole ginger corm is a medicine, as green tea and watermelon. Pumpkin is good for eyes and rosemary gives you a good memory.

Then why do you think of going to a doctor again? 

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