What is your dog eating? As Food and Drug Administration says, you cannot give everything to it. The food you give sometimes causes sugar problems. Do you know some food you hope is sugar-free, contains a bit of harmful sugar? Yes, it does not harm you, but your dog. Its name is xylitol. 

Do you have any idea of what is the food that gives your dog an unexpected death? There are seven of them. Candy, mint, baked food, ice-cream, toothpaste, syrup and peanut butter are actually harmful. They got xylitol too. You can argue that you give your dog the candies that have sugar. But, we are afraid you cannot stop your dog’s dying. 

When a dog eats sugar-free food, the chemical goes to his body and let the level of insulin get free. It increases the level of your dog’s blood. After that the dog dies or goes into a coma. It is called Hypoglycemia. Actually the reason why man will not get the disease is that the chemical we call xylitol is not going to free the man’s blood sugar. 

How someone does understand that a dog has got Hypoglycemia? 

You will note that it is fainting, walking unbalanced or vomiting. If it is dangerous, the dog will get a stroke. It will not take long, only thirty minutes. And if you do not care about it, after about an hour it will die. 

Do you want your dog to be safe? Please check whether the food you buy has got the harmful chemical or not. See the label. Dogs love to eat toothpaste. You may use peanut butter for inlaying medicine to your doggy. 

Please be careful of what you give!

Take care of your dog, because he is your friend!

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