The largeness of a food does not depend on its calories. Usually we eat more of them.

The strength to bring 1g water into one Celsius is a calorie. If you want a weight loss, you must know what and what time do you have to eat at. Though well grown people need about two hundred calories and a baby needs thousand a day, it changes according to the body building you have. 

They say that you have to eat as a king in the morning, as a man at the lunch and as a beggar at night. Then you can lose or get weighted. But one must have to have a plate full of natural crops, not artificial food. If you are wishing to stay young, well-built and strong, you must get enough calories.

Have you ever tried staying hungry? First your mind loses control. Then the body feels numb. Your stomach feels paining, and then your chest. This is because calories we know affect someone’s brain, basal, blood and breathe. We need more calories when it is cold, and when it is hot, one needs less. 

Do not skip breakfast. Also eat something whenever you feel hungry. Eat five crops a day. Non-saturated fat as well as the carbohydrates will stay in your stomach for long. Exercise at least for twenty minutes and drink more water. Try to eat fibre and know the amount before you eat. Try to use a small plate and eat slowly. Plan a list and buy when you go shopping. Have a good sleep, but remember to eat before two hours. Have a seldom meal with your favourites. Otherwise you’ll feel bored. 

Weight lifting, aerobics, swimming and walking too can burn the calories you have got from your food. 

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