We need sugar in our body, but more of them give us toothache and some deceases. Actually we only need it about nine tsp a day, but we get eighty. How terrible! However cells in the body need sugar.

There are three types. One calls sucrose. Then the second is lactose and third one calls fructose.

There are many sugar added food in the market, but nowadays we see some people are trying to introduce sugar-free products. It has become a trend now. Also WHO has prohibited adding sugar?

It is better knowing how much sugar it contains before eating. As you know, chocolate, sweets and soda got more sugar, but which in crops or in milk do not very dangerous. 

When we are searching for sugary foods, chocolate comes first. There are many kinds of it. Sinkers, Butterfingers, Milky Way, Three Musketeers, etc… Most of them got about 7 tsp of sugar. Only Hershey’s milk and Dove are bit less. But dark or coffee chocolates have the least. 

When we talk about soft drinks, Coca cola and Sprite comes first. The most dangerous one is Old Jamaica Ginger beer. One soda a day can easily take you to the hospital.

No matter we do not believe, but your child’s cereal plate brings him diabetes. Cheerio’s and corn flakes got a little less. Thus most of the cereals have got 7 tsp of sugar. The researchers say eating cereals is actually harmful for children. Beware of it.

Fruits have fructose which does not harm you, but cranberries and grape have a bit more.

According to the AHA, sugar will give you over-weighed body. Also it can close the vessels of your heart and blood. Actually this will not give you direct diabetes, but the type 2 one. 

The doctors say everything we eat is harmful. Some countries have prohibited sugar. Therefore try to stop eating it.

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