When a mother feeds an infant, it can always feel whether any unusual clots in there or not. Those are frequent in feeding. Therefore people worries about getting cancer. 

One good thing is, you will have only 3% risk of getting cancer, if you have fed. That risk goes high in pregnancy. But you don’t have to be worried, because it is only the hormone unbalancing. 

Feeding as well as pregnancy attack your menstrual cycle. If you check for cancer when you are feeding, it will be hard to recognize the clots by radiologists. 

All unusual clots are not cancers. Enlarging breast is normal in feeding time. It is because they are full of milk. Mother will feel really uncomfortable and pain in breasts, as well as hands and shoulders. This uncomforting-ability goes away when the baby drinks. 

Sometimes the milk will remain in milky tubes. Therefore you have to feed often. Otherwise they will be thicker. If not the protein in stocked milk begins to spread. You will feel ill and sometimes showering.  After a few days you will fall in fever. You have to let the infant drink the milk more. If it cannot happen, at least pump them out. 

When the upper problems get worse, a mother will fall into abscess. It cannot be treated by her. Go to a doctor. 

If the upper kinds of cyst stay so long, feel like growing, do not move or getting thick, it may be a cancer. Visit the doctor immediately.

You may have to stop feeding if you get cancer, because the treatments will affect the baby.

Doctor may recommend doing a surgery and removing the breasts as a treatment, if not he will give you strong medicines to kill the cancer. Radiation is one of the best ways to give up cancer. 

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