There is an X-ray which shows the first impression of cancer in breast. You can have it as a film-screen or a digital. When you go to the check-up, you have to keep the breast on a plate and it will grab them. Therefore the picture won’t blur. The machine can take two pictures of you in two sides. After that the doctor or the radiologist will check them. It will take about 20 minutes only. But sometimes you will feel uncomfortable.

The white and gray picture of your breast is the mammogram. Every picture will be different due to the woman’s uniqueness. The white lines are dense and glands. The grays are fat. Also the doctor will recognize when there is a tumor or something in your breast. They are not cancers. The places shown in white may have a risk. More white is bad, but not always. If it has more white, it could be a cyst, calcium bag, fibro adenoma or a scar. Therefore; do not worry too much. But remember the small dots too could be grown as a cancer.

If your breasts are rough, you have a less risk of getting sick, but they are difficult to view. 

If one of your family members had the illness or if you have a wound in the breast, better to check regularly. If you have changed in genes, or you had to do scans and X-rays the in little age, you have a risk.

If you are below 50 years, check this only when a doctor says. But if you are beyond, check in every two years.

No matter if she had given birth to a child or not, a woman must check for the cancer in her breasts. You can always check by yourselves for this at home. If you found something thick or a nodule, go for a VOG immediately.  

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